I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break and managed to squeeze some sewing in.  I spent my time planning my projects and new designs, and am excited by what’s to come, I can’t wait to unveil my new projects over the coming year.  I’m going to be busy!

New Patterns for 2016

I plan to design, draft, test and launch at least 7 new patterns during 2016.  They will include patterns for people with different sewing abilities (some quick and easy, some a little more involved), patterns for girls and for boys, and will have the same clear and comprehensive instructions and illustrations as in Anibaloo and Briabaloo.

The next pattern, Carabaloo, is all set to go, I just need nice photos.  So far, either the weather or the kids lack of cooperation have scuppered my attempts at taking lovely photos.  Those dresses have had to be washed a lot already, and they haven’t officially been worn yet.  (No more photoshoots with any foodstuffs.  Ever.)

Discount Codes

Last year I offered a discount code for all my email subscribers on any items in the Sewabaloo pattern shop.  That came to an end at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and I’m afraid I’m not intending to continue to offer that discount.

But don’t worry, all of my newsletter subscribers will be sent a special 25% discount code at the launch of each new Sewabaloo pattern. The discount code will be time sensitive, details will be provided at each launch, and will only be available to newsletter subscribers.  Subscribe to my newsletter now so you’re the first to know when the next pattern will be released, what it looks like, and to grab a discount code.

My promises to you

It’s New Years Resolutions time again – and this year I’m not talking about losing weight, reading more or doing my taxes early (because – you know – let’s be realistic, shall we?), this time I’m talking about the things I’m going to do to make Sewabaloo become the household name I really want it to become.  (In sewing households, at least).

My first promise is to send out a Newsletter on the First Monday of every month. There may be a few extras squeezed in too, in case the timings aren’t quite right to give you the discount code for a new pattern release (such as for Carabaloo, as mentioned above), or in case I have something hugely important I have to share with you all immediately, but you will, at least, receive one email from me on the first Monday of every month.

I might have promised something like this before – but this time I absolutely mean it.  I’ve even written it in my calendar and planner for the coming year.  No excuses.  I promise.

I will also blog every Wednesday throughout 2016. I’m scheduling them all in in advance, this is how organised and businesslike I will be in 2016.  There will be more sewing tips and product blogs, I hope to be able to feature some special sewers / sewists, and if I’m brave enough, I may even venture into the world of vlogging.  It will be brilliant.   (I’m afraid I’m not brave enough to video myself this week though, not just yet.)

I’m also intending to be much better at the whole social media thing.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep me company, if you could drop me a Like / Favourite / RT every now and again, so I know I have company, that would be so lovely!  I’m @Sewabaloo on most of the big social media platforms, but haven’t really got into my stride on any of them yet.  But I will. This year.

Briabaloo Review

Did I ever mention that Marisa of Thirty Nine Blog reviewed Briabaloo recently?   I don’t think I did, I can’t believe I never told you!  She made this beautiful dress for her daughter, with the best write up that I could have hoped for:

“Eluned’s pattern instructions are absolutely superb, with clear illustrations and very well-explained steps to guide you.  This is easily the most detailed and professional digital pattern I’ve come across from a small independent designer.  Also, the pattern PDF includes layers, allowing you to print out the size you want, which makes cutting out the pieces so much easier.”

Oh my goodness – if that didn’t make the corner of my eyes sting just a little bit.  I was so chuffed with that review that I may have succumbed to a little bout of self indulgent twirling around the kitchen.

So, (‘Sew’ – ha!), I wish you a gorgeous and wonderful and abundant new year, may your bobbin never misbehave and your seam ripper become tarnished and dull through lack of use.


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