It’s been a little while since I posted a news-y update, so I reckoned I’d indulge in talking about me, me, Meee (or, at least, Sewabaloo, Sewabaloo, SEWABALOO!) for a few minutes this week.

We’ve been really very busy behind the scenes at Sewabaloo Towers.  Pattern #2 (the shirt dress pattern) has been thoroughly tested by our completely brilliant team of pattern testers, pattern #3 is in development, and Pattern #1 (the animal costumes) is now being revisited using the pattern testers’ feedback, to make sure that only the very best product will be offered when we’re ready to sell.  All this is happening all at the same time – I know, totally nuts!

I gotta say, the garments made by the team of pattern testers using the second pattern have been amazing!   I’m not quite ready to show them to you yet – but I promise it won’t be long.  Well, not very long, anyway – although it definitely won’t be in the next couple of weeks.

Pattern #3 is looking quite exciting – top secret just at the moment, and very exciting.  It’ll be an unisex pattern, something that sewers (sewists?) for boys will be able to enjoy making, too.  How bored must you mothers, grandmothers and aunts of boys get with seeing sewing patterns for pretty dresses after pretty dresses everywhere you look?  I bet you get properly fed up with it.  This pattern will be awesome, you’ll love it.  And it’s going to be ‘proper street’, ‘on trend’, ‘wicked’ etc etc, so I hope that even the most reluctant pre-teen might be persuaded to let you sew for him.  Or her – girls will love this too.

We’re also busy with developing the packaging illustrations and graphic stuff, and choices are being weighed up and printers being sourced for the promised paper patterns.  I really, really, really want to be able to offer paper patterns, but I’m having to face the probability that I won’t be able to launch with both paper and pdf right from the outset – I think I’d rather get my pdf patterns out there when they’re ready, rather than sit on them for weeks or months to come, waiting for the paper patterns to catch up.

Which means (Yay!) the pdf patterns may be available to buy sooner than I previously thought, but (Boo!) the paper patterns might take a little bit longer than I hoped.

We’ve also decided on a naming convention for the patterns.  It was the GENIUS idea of one of my awesome pattern testers in our little pattern testing group on Facebook.  I get butterflies every time I think of it – it’s so cute, unique and very on-brand.  But I’m not going to tell you in case somebody says they don’t like it, then I’ll get all wobbly and uncertain and really disappointed.  Better to wait until the deed is done.  Like naming a baby.

I think that’s all the news just for the moment.  We’re looking forward to going on holiday in the next few weeks and we plan to take lots of product shots of the girls in their Sewabaloo outfits for the website while we’re away, so you can look forward to seeing those all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter very soon!  Haha!

Because this post hasn’t yet had any pretty pictures in it – here are a few pics of #2 daughter modelling a variation of the newly tested shirt dress pattern (I mixed it up and gave this dress the inset pockets instead of the patch pockets.)  So lush – I wish I could be 3 3/4 years old again (but just for an afternoon.)