Sometimes you have so many things going on in your head, so many ideas jostling for attention and elbowing each other out of the way so they can reach the top of today’s priority list that you end up doing nothing.  A bit like before they discovered L Dopa in Awakenings.  (I love that film, my husband’s never seen it, this needs rectifying.)

Just at this very moment I am twirling round and round, but staying in the same position, not knowing what to do first.

Sewabaloo has three big projects in development at the moment, which do I do first? How do I priorities? Should I be marketing instead of sewing? Or sewing instead of marketing? And how do I tweet as often as I’m supposed to without sounding dreadful, anyway?

And it’s very almost Kids Clothes Week – what should I sew? What fabric should I buy? (Time is REALLY running out for ordering fabric!) Have I anything in my stash I could use? What if they won’t wear what I’ve made for them after sewing it?  Should I use a Sewabaloo pattern for marketing and increasing brand profile? Or should I let it rest this time and sew that lovely indie sweatshirt pattern I found?  Why does printed sweatshirt fabric have to be so very expensive, anyway?

And I need to make myself some new top/dresses to go with leggings (because legging are comfortable. Because of cake.)  I haven’t found a pattern I like so I probably need to make a pattern from an existing garment – how can I justify that time? Do I make do with my stash fabric, or can I get away with buying some lovely new printed jersey? Why does nice printed jersey have to be so expensive anyway? I do have some border print knit, but being a border print the stretch would be down my body instead of across – how is that ever going to work?

And the Christmas sewing is fast climbing up my list of sewing priorities – only a couple of months left, and I haven’t made up the pattern for #2 child’s requested soft toy (Blaze and the Monster Machines), I’ve a doll to make for #1 child and boxer shorts for #1 husband – not to mention any other gifts I end up making instead of spending actual money.  Speaking of which I still haven’t made the curtains that I promised for my sister last Christmas.  And I have to get on and make the pantomime dame costume for our local am dram group’s panto (which has to fit 3 very different actors ranging in sizes from short to tall and from slim to not-as-slim).

Somebody stop the ride, I need a lie down and a paracetamol!

In other news – The Sarah Project has written a gorgeous review of Briabaloo, isn’t it just beautiful.  She’s been so kind in her review.

The Sarah Project, Briabaloo

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