After months of designing and testing, I’m thrilled to announce that Carabaloo (a-line dress in sizes 1-12) and Manlybaloo (Men’s boxer shorts in sizes XS – 4XL) have been launched!!

Woo! Yaay! *fireworks and celebratory fizzy drinks*


Carabaloo is a completely lovely a-line summer dress.  Because it’s such a simple style (with just 2 main pattern pieces) I had to work really hard to get the shape right, and the balance between being loose-but-not-baggy and fitted-but-not-tight.  Finally we got there!

Carabaloo was inspired by a Mary Quant dress at the V&A museum, so you need to think of shorter, vintage-length dresses for your girls, just above the knee is perfect, any longer and it could swamp your little girl.

Patterns that grow with your children is a key principle at Sewabaloo, and this applies to Carabaloo too – the loose fir allows growth in the chest, and as your child lengthens you can pair with leggings or shorts and wear it as a tunic top.  Completely gorgeous!

All the seams are enclosed and finished – the method for turning the bodice can seem confusing if you haven’t seen it before, but just trust the instructions and it will all work out, I promise.  And it will turn out like magic – you will love it and want to run around showing everybody, but if they don’t sew they won’t care or understand.  But we do, so come and show us in the Facebook Group, we’ll “Oooh” with you and applaud your cleverness.  Other professional techniques used and explained in the pattern include understitching around the collar and a faced hem, which gives weight and structure to the bottom of the dress.

It’s a very quick and easy sew once you’re familiar with the techniques, so it’s perfect for makers and sellers – you can, of course, sew Sewabaloo patterns to sell.  If you do I’d love it if you attributed the design to Sewabaloo.

Carabaloo A Line Dress pattern, cover


Manlybaloo is most likely the only non-child pattern Sewabaloo will produce.  I had been making boxershorts for Mr Sewabaloo for Christmasses, birthdays, Valentines etc. for a few years, and took the step to grade it to different sizes, write and illustrated the instructions, and offer it our for sale.

It’s a  loose fit boxer short pattern for woven fabrics, with a very nice button fly and leg vents.  It’s a simple pattern with just three pattern pieces – Leg Front, Leg Back and Fly.  It’s fairly straightforward to put together although you might need to concentrate a little bit on the fly construction.

It makes a great gift for the man in your life (we’re just in time for Father’s Day!) and requires just 1m of fabric to make any of the sizes, from XS to 4XL.  It’s also great for making sleeping shorts for ladies, and advice is included to help select the correct size for a lady.

Sewing pattern cover
Introductory Offer

For one week only, until Monday 13th June, both Carabaloo and Manlybaloo will enjoy a massive 25% discount!  Sewabaloo isn’t in the habit of offering discounts, to grab them at this price while you’re able.

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