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6 ways to overcast on a sewing machine

6 ways to Overcast with your Sewing Machine

Before I had an overlocker I remember seeing tutorials and pattern instructions everywhere that asked me to overlock my edges or seams. I remember feeling a bit excluded from the ‘overlocker owners’ club, and frustrated that I was left to finish my seams with a zigzag stitch or seam finishes such as binding or French seams. No worries – I bet your sewing machine can sort this for you.

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Upcycled Spiderman girls dress

Tutorial: Making a Superhero jersey dress from upcycled t-shirts

My youngest daughter has a preference for superheroes and monster trucks (Spiderman, Supergirl and Blaze and the Monster Machines specifically) but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t still like to wear dresses. Like many families we’ve been frustrated by the lack of cool superhero girls clothes available in shops, but luckily for us, this is a sewing household, so we made our own from a boys t-shirt and a ladies t-shirt. And I can show you how to make your own in this neat little tutorial.

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Pre-washing – how necessary is it? Really?

I know how you feel. You’re excited, you have an exciting new pattern and gorgeous new fabric and you just want to get the scissors into it all, and launch at the sewing machine, and glory in the noise and the pins and the thread, and listen to your favourite CD or audio book while everybody else is out of the way and/or asleep, and just sew.

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned sewer, this is your special time when you can really breathe freely, loosen up your shoulders and relax into creativity, chaos and construction. You really don’t want to delay it for the sake of Extra Laundry.

What’s all this fuss over pre-washing anyway? How crucial is it? Really?

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Why do girls and boys clothes button differently?

As I was drafting and testing my latest pattern, the shirt dress pattern which is currently being put through its paces by my wonderful team of testers, I found myself hesitating over which way the buttons should go – EVERY TIME I sewed a new sample.

I have obviously been buttoning myself up successfully for *cough* many years, yet despite this I can never remember which way they go. And Googling isn’t always helpful – “ladies clothing has buttons on the left side” it tells me – great, but what does that mean? Whose left? The wearers’ left or the viewers’ left? Because if you’re sewing on the buttons you’re obviously in the viewer’s position, so your left would be the wearer’s right.

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