Hi, I’m Eluned Winney and I love to sew.  I sew for my children, my husband, my home and myself.  I sew gifts whenever I can get away with it (but grudgingly accept that sometimes people would actually prefer something from their Amazon wishlist).  I also love to help other people sew and to encourage them to start this most satisfying and productive hobby.

Sewabaloo is my way to make my passion my life, by designing beautiful and practical sewing patterns for childrenswear, and providing comprehensive and clear sewing instructions to help sewers make the best garment possible from them.

I get immense pleasure from seeing new sewers work through their first projects and more accomplished sewers trying new skills and techniques.  I want to help all sewers to create clothes that kids love to wear and which will withstand the rigors of repeated washing cycles, without any fiddly, unnecessary or time consuming ironing.

I dislike ironing.