April Update

Ha! I am never again making any grand promises about how often I’m going to blog and send out newsletter – epic fail, can you believe I haven’t blogged sine January!  Sadly, blogging does takes a lot of time, and as I only have a limited amount of time in the studio it tends to get a bit neglected.  My bad.  Sorry.  I will continue to do my best to keep you updated and to keep in touch, and I will try to do better than a quarterly blog.

Studio, you Say?

Sewabaloo Studio

Oh yes – unless you follow me on social media you probably don’t know that I’ve moved into a gorgeous new studio space at The Model House Arts & Crafts Centre in Llantrisant (South Wales).  (Squee!)

This was my big aspiration last year, and now I’m in it feels just amazing.  I’m able to completely focus on my work (instead of being distracted by laundry, dishes, and long lunches in front of the telly), I don’t have to clear up at the end of the day, and I’m able to focus much more on my family when I’m at home.  It’s even better than I thought it would be.

I am in the studio on Mondays 9-5 (although the building is closed to the public on Mondays), Tuesdays 9-3, Wednesdays 9-3 and Saturdays 1-5.  Please pop along to say hello if you’re in the area.

New Services and Classes

With a new space comes new opportunities – and I’m excited to be able to offer a clothing alteration service and classes/workshops in my lovely new studio.  If you are local to Llantrisant / Cardiff, why not join me for a learn to sew class, a Boxer Short making workshop, or lampshade making?  My space is limited so the class sizes are going to be very small, so I will be able to give a lot of individual attention.  The first of my classes is on Saturday and there are still a couple of space left if you’re quick.

Pattern News

So where does all this leave the sewing patterns?  Yes, I know I’ve been promising the launch of Carabaloo, my A-line girls dress, for ages, but I keep tinkering with it – for some reason I’m finding it really hard to let go.  It’s being tested again now, so stand by for its launch – sometime in the next few weeks.

Carabaloo A Line Dress pattern, cover

Manlybaloo, the men’s boxer shorts pattern that I made available for free for Santes Dwynwen / Valentines Day has been graded for sizes XS – XXXL, and will shortly begin the testing process.  If you would like to be considered for testing the pattern please send me an email and I will contact you when the call for testers goes out.
Free Boxer Shorts Sewing Pattern men
On publication of the new graded pattern the free pattern will no longer be available – so grab it while you can!  This pattern will form the basis of one of my sewing workshops.


The next pattern, an as yet unnamed unisex pattern, has been successfully drafted, tweaked and numerous prototypes sewn.  I will be grading the pattern soon and preparing the supporting instructions and illustrations. (No photos of this as yet – I’m keeping this one hush-hush just for now).
So, even though you haven’t heard anything from me for far too long, things have been moving forward and I expect to have three new patterns available in the near future.  But I’m not making any promises on timescales!  ;0)