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under stitching tutorial

Four steps to perfect understitching

Understitching is one of those magical sewing techniques that are simple to understand and apply, and which will immediately lift the quality of your sewing from a polite “Did you make that?” to the much more impressed “No Way! You made that?”

I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently in my offline life explaining what understitching is, why it’s important and how it works, so I thought I would show you why you should understitch and how to do it, as I have used this technique in Briabaloo and intend to use it a lot more in future patterns.

How to understitch tutorial

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A bit of a rambling blog – and a GIVEAWAY!

Sometimes you have so many things going on in your head, so many ideas jostling for attention and elbowing each other out of the way so they can reach the top of today’s priority list that you end up doing nothing.  A bit like before they discovered L Dopa in Awakenings.  (I love that film, my husband’s never seen it, this needs rectifying.)

Just at this very moment I am twirling round and round, but staying in the same position, not knowing what to do first.

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6 ways to overcast on a sewing machine

6 ways to Overcast with your Sewing Machine

Before I had an overlocker I remember seeing tutorials and pattern instructions everywhere that asked me to overlock my edges or seams.  I remember feeling a bit excluded from the ‘overlocker owners’ club, and frustrated that I was left to finish my seams with a zigzag stitch or  boring, old-fashioned and time consuming seam finishes like binding or French seams.*

* (Please note that the ‘boring and old fashioned’ judgement stemmed purely from envy – It’s nonsense.  The non-overlocked seam finishes are almost always the most beautiful and the strongest.  But I was blinded by ‘I want an overlocker, it’s not fair’.  Now I have an overlocker I look for reasons not to use it – ha, there’s no pleasing some people!)

When I started designing my own patterns and writing their instructions I wanted to be as inclusive as possible – nobody should feel that they can’t play in my gang because they don’t have an overlocker – but we don’t always have time for bound seams, we don’t always want the extra bulk, and French seams really don’t like curves.  So what can we do?

Simple – pull out your sewing machine manual and take a look at the overcasting stitches that your machine is capable of – you may find you never never need to reach for your overlocker again!


6 Ways To Overcast Using Your Sewing Machine


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