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5 Steps to troubleshoot your sewing machine jams and tension problems

Five steps to troubleshoot your sewing machine jams and tension problems

We’ve all been there – we’re merrily sewing away, marveling at our cleverness and efficiency,  when suddenly the sewing machine hiccoughs, growls and grinds to a stop, the needle juddering and jammed in the fabric, refusing to budge.  Underneath is a thick, complex knot of thread, reaching down into the throat plate and around the bobbin like a great tree root or something out of a James Herbert novel.

Jammed sewing machines are supremely frustrating, and are most likely to happen during a late night sewing session with a tomorrow-morning deadline.

Don’t worry, though – your machine is most probably not at fault.   A quick troubleshooting check of a few key areas on your machine will, in all likelihood, get you back into the sewing groove in no time.

So calm down, take a deep breath, wipe your sweaty palms, and pour yourself a brew. We can sort this out together.

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Penbanc Fabrics

You might have noticed that I didn’t blog on time this week.  I was on holiday with my lovely family and didn’t take my laptop with me, nor did I take my sewing machine.  I didn’t even take any embroidery for the evenings, and it was lovely to be able to focus all of my attention on my children and husband for a full week.

We were in Pembrokeshire, possibly my favourite part of the world, and home to several woollen mills, which is what I thought I would blog to you about on my return.

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